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Prioritizing content over website design is crucial

This is applicable to both blogs and webpages. I firmly believe in creating website content before beginning graphic design. While others may disagree, I will fight and dig in since content is more essential than website design.

The website’s design should center on the user and their needs. It should highlight the user’s issues and the website’s ability to solve them.

It should not be based on prefabricated templates or coding trends. Seo company Dubai can guide you well.
Design trends come and go, but it’s important to prioritize the user
I’ll get emails from people discussing their website design needs. These lists frequently focus on certain project criteria, such as infinite scroll, hamburger menus, and hero images.

Rarely does someone approach a design firm and present data based on their users, their wants, and the final aims of a website visit.

Website owners can become engrossed with their competitors’ current design trends and webpages. They feel they have the best design elements. They lose track of their genuine guests.

People often focus excessively on the visual presentation and features of a blog template or website theme. This is an emotional buy that outweighs the desire to assist actual website visitors.

Content First promotes informed design decisions
After you have completed your graphic design, you should document your ideal user flow and visitor paths. This is an incorrect technique since it forces you to match content to your website’s style or theme. It should be the exact opposite.

Before you start falling in love with a website competition, looking for a WordPress template, or hiring a graphic designer, you should consider the goals and objectives of your blog or website.

Document your user personas and their difficulties. Your solution is available. Then, on the website, map out the paths you want them to take.

Completing graphic design at the right time for the project is crucial. This will allow you to present the website, content, and offerings in their best light.

Content and messaging serve as the foundation and building blocks of any website. Before considering color schemes, fonts, and layouts, they should undergo thorough planning and documentation.

Design elements should highlight, complement, and showcase crucial messages and material.

Concentrate on the appropriate content
While I believe it’s important to prepare content before designing, it doesn’t mean you have to write it from scratch. This would be challenging for website owners and enterprises.

Clients should prioritize the most critical pages and areas of their website. During the sales process, I frequently review a client’s website to find areas that can benefit from custom design templates. These will vary based on the customer, industry, and target audience.

These are the areas that benefit the most from a content-first approach.


Main About or Company Page.

Main service page and individual pages

Main storefront and individual product pages.

The resource section consists of resource categories and resource objects.


Templates for landing pages

Blog pages and individual entries

Contact Page

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